About Me

Sum Dum Chum
Sum Dum Chum pretty much sums up who I am.  Formal training in the detailed art of Graphic Design, Analytics Ninja, Photoshop fanatic.  But that’s enough about Who I am, this site is my alias( Used to indicate that a named person is also known or more familiar under another specified name) Sum Dum Chum.


I needed a place to share my music with people, while using social media is a great place to get the your sounds out there from soundcloud, Facebook, Twitter and why hell the giant in the room, Youtube, I needed a personal space for creation. I also needed a place that is dedicated to my sounds, my likes, my interests and not be cluttered with other people around me. The use of social Media is great to get people to my site but it’s more than that. This is a place for others to grab inspiration and stretch their creative minds. I classify creativity in two buckets, the creators ( people who inspire you to achieve like they have ) and Followers ( taking someones idea and skipping to your own beat ). While this site is dedicated to just my musical magic hat, I hope it’s a place where people get inspired.


Well, this is a tough one but plain and simple this an outlet for others to join in. I know I’m not going to make millions of dollarsputzing around in my little home studio with only a few thousand dollars worth of equipment, but this is a hobby and will always be just a hobby. The whole purpose of this is to be dedicated on uploading at least a sample of a beat/song I’m working on or a completed song I have done and share it with the world. My hope is that you you just enjoy what you find on here. Sometimes, it could be just a 20 second clip of a song, sometimes could be 2 minute complete set. It could also be used as a forum for people to give suggestions, comments and or chime in with their own musical creations. Look! If you can turn lemons into lemon aid why not turn a 20 second beat/sample into a song!